Project Areas


In the wake of Hurricane Sandy and other major storms, the Mid-Atlantic has an increased awareness of realized and potential impacts of major storms. This region boasts a wealth of fisheries, ports, natural resources, and cities, all of which can benefit from increased resilience.

Great Lakes

The Great Lakes basin is home to about 10 percent of the U.S. population. Many stressors, such as beach hazards and stormwater pollution from more severe and frequent storms, make protecting these natural resources and coastal communities a unique challenge. The program is actively funding projects in the Great Lakes region with work wrapping up in 2017.

Pacific Islands

The Pacific islands, with their rich cultural heritage and natural resources, are vulnerable to coastal-storm and climate-based hazards. The program completed all project work in 2015.

Gulf of Mexico

Because of the tremendous need to rebuild after the damaging effects of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the Gulf of Mexico was established as the fourth region in 2007. The program concluded project work in 2012.

Southern California

Initiated in 2005, the Southern California region completed product development in 2010.

Pacific Northwest

The program expanded into Pacific Northwest beginning in 2004 and completed product development in 2007. To date, $3.83 million has been invested in product development, as well as operations and maintenance.

Northeast Florida

The Coastal Storms Program was initiated in 2002 with the establishment of the Northeast Florida regional pilot area. The pilot was completed in 2004, and more than $6.79 million was invested in product development, as well as operations and maintenance costs.